>So after dropping off the face of this blog for two months I’ve come up for air. I realized in mid February that I bit off way more than I can chew Back in my intro, and I narrowed the scope of my thesis considerably, and still was scrambling the whole way to the finish line. Between that and regular classwork things like progress updates fell by the way-side, something I know is not a good habit to get into, working in a team requires much better communication.

I have a working alpha of a quiz taking piece of software that needs a name. It’s very crude and as I look back over the source I can produce I can tell if I wrote a particular piece in February or in March. My skill in python is notably improved, and I’ve learned the basics of SQL and database design and management. I’ve managed my first sizable code project and come out with something that while crude, works. A quick list of the things I’ve learned

  1. Use Source Control – I’ve had this preached to me over, and over and over again, and I still haven’t built the habit, or deeply learned a system. There were several points in the project I was glad I had a previous commit, but my source tree looks ugly and cluttered to me. 
  2. Don’t re-invent the wheel – I did this one mostly right, the other solutions that exist don’t have the feature list I was shooting for and it would have taken me months to even begin to be able to implement item distractors in them. 
  3. Shipping is a feature – I’m writing this about an hour before I go to show off my work, and I’m forcing myself not to go in and try one more time to get that css error to look exactly how I want
  4. You don’t have to do everything – In narrowing my project to just building this one tool I realized something really important. I don’t have to do everything, or understand everything. I have a tendency to want to know a system from the ground up, and to do multiple things at once. When I talked with my advisor she pointed out to me that the scope of what I was trying to do was Career sized, not senior thesis sized.

I’m working on a paper for the thesis now and will post it up here when I complete it, but it’s going to touch a lot more on the narrowing process, and what features I consider critical. once I’m done with finals I’m going to give this code a bit of clean up and release the whole thing as open source(I need to do some asking about licences) and put a fair chunk of my effort behind this. The point of this quiz app is to do one thing and do it well, this isn’t a cms, it’s an assessment tool, it’s meant to make pulling meaningful data about my students out of my tests easy, or at least possible.

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