>The Yule ritual last night got me thinking, I plan too much, and do too little. So here is a few things I have done recently. A reminder to myself that I make my own present and future. I lead a sucessful group ritual. I won’t say I planned it, because Kassie did most of the planning and making things happen on the mundane side. I asked, and was given Frey and Heimdal’s blessing at my newest objective. I have totally made absolutely no progress towards my goal of getting fit. I managed to pull of Two A’s an a B. I Made a serious major change and got the program to do so approved.

My days right now are remarkably like my “ideal” days. I get up at a fairly late hour, between 8 and 10 most days. I wind up wasting too much time on facebook, and spending not enough time on my current objectives. I eat when I am bored, instead of when I am hungry, but I control my portions when I do that, so it’s not as bad as all that. Instead of wasting time, I would like to be making money, doing something I love, and I would like to be free in my evening to spend time on my hobbies.

Yule is a time to re-set intentions and set our trajectory to find our way to the future we want. I am glad to see how much closer I am to a life I can love to live. I am greatful to see that such a life is within my grasp, and to have learned an important lesson. If I can’t find “Twitchy-Compatable” then I will have to make myself one.

The greatest lesson of the Aseir, the one that brought me to them in the first place, is what got me into school, I make my own life. I may struggle against my situation, or against those who doubt me, but I can choose to fold up and die, or I can live.

Hail Heimdal! Hail Frey! Hail Andrew!



I took my own advice canceled my Comcast and moved my internet to a local company, Cache Broadband. I choose them because when I called to ask about their options and “soft cap” the sales rep noticed that my question was above his level of technical expertise, he transferred me directly to the owner, he and I had a nice chat for about 10 minutes. He explained their policies, and pointed me to some info about about the whole Comcast debacle, and told me that they have a system set up that will email me every day with how much bandwidth I’ve used. After setting that up I called Comcast to cancel.

All things considered it was relatively painless, I called Comcast up and talked with the “tier 1″ service rep, who tried to convince me that I didn’t need to cancel services. She pretended not to know anything about the dispute between Level 3 and Comcast, but got really defensive about how, “You do know that Netflix is our competitor?” and “You know in a free market we can charge whatever we want, right?” I got a little mouthy, no profanity, just a clear statement that I disagreed with Comcasts action, and was canceling my service in protest of their action. She pasted me up to a tier 2 guy, who asked me again. I said, “I’m canceling my Comcast service in protest of Comcast trying to charge them to deliver concent I have requested.” He noted that we have cable and asked if I wanted to cancel that, I said I want to cancel all services and he told me that they would send me a $10 credit or the time left in the month and my service would be canceled on Friday.


>So, I got thinking about this drama involving Comcast and Netflix, and have just one question, didn’t I already pay for the bandwidth?

I’m not a network expert, but as I understand it, I pay Comcast to get the Internet, from the Internet to my house. If I understand the article right, they’re trying to charge to, “transmit Internet online movies and other content to Comcast’s customers who request such content.” I ALREADY PAID FOR THE BANDWIDTH! I pay for a 12mb connection, and AFAIK if I paid for it I should be able to use it for whatever I want.

So let’s try an analogy. I pay Comcast to connect my house to the amazing superhighway. They charge me for each month based on how many lanes I want to my house. This works fine, I can use one for school(school), one to get to soccer practice(gaming), I can use it for pretty much whatever I want. I can even use it to let my friend visit(social networking). But then I discover this great pizza shop called netflix, they deliver. I figure since I can use my lanes for whatever I like then it is okay to have them deliver on my lanes. This works well, until me and all my neighbors are ordering pizza every day. Apparently these pizza trucks are using over a fifth of comcasts lanes, and they decide that they want to charge the pizza drivers to use their roads too. My problem is I’m already paying for the lanes, so let them deliver my damn pizza!

Anyhow, those who are calling for the FCC to step in are being idiots, comcast, like all corporations don’t give a damn about the law. They are only responsible to make a profit. So if we want to be able to have our pizza delivered then I think the solutions it to boycott Comcast. Call them up and cancel, and make sure they know that it is because of this bullshit. My issue is that I NEED internet, and don’t know any local ISP that my roomate and I can afford.


>I’ve been taking a break from working on some homework, and got thinking about how important something really small has become very important to me. I own a little candle arrangement that was given to me about a year ago. A few weeks ago I was cleaning up the front room and decided that I would put it on the top of my DVD shelf. It’s the one part of my apartment that remains clean.

It forms an island in my home that, somehow, someway, manages to always be clean.

This is important to me, because my nowhere else in my apartment manages to say that clean for that long. I’ve got a purge bucket that is literally overflowing, and piles of schoolbooks, notebooks, and game stuff all over the place. That spot however is right in front of my corner of the couch, and serves as a reminder of how simple things are when only one thing is competing for a particular space.

Something important to remember as I set my life up to be minimalist. It will be nice when my whole home is like that one spot.

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