>Two posts in one day, why, cause it seemed stupid to not make my intro it’s own post that I can link to directly.

My philosophy on disability can be summed up in 3 words, “Cope with it.”

What does that mean?

Well to begin with it means that I choose not to identify with my disorders, I’m not Obese(okay well clinically I still need to lose 50 lbs to not be obese, but that’s not the point), I’m not a Tourettes kid, and I’m not any things other than me. I choose to cope with something that I need to cope with, just like I have to cope when I’m out of sugar and trying to bake.

I cope with it, not against it. This means that I acknowledge that this is something I have to deal with, it’s stupid to spend all day tic suppressing when I could be having a good time, and let them out, magically that often makes them disappear in the end.

I was supposed to have something clever to say about it, but all I can come up with is that the disorder is just that it’s a disorder, it’s incurable, and it’s not malicious, it just is. My Buddhism Professor would probably say “it is in the nature of the Tourettes to be a pain in my ass” or some pseudo-wise saying like that.

This basic philosophy also carries over to my choice in management tools, I dislike the side-effects of every med I’ve ever been on enough that I manage without medication. I do self-medicate with Caffeine.

I recognize that for various reasons this philosophy may not work for everyone. I do think it’s the most sensible approach to disability I’ve seen. To many people identify with their disorders and let them control their lives. Life is to be lived, not dictated by something that you can cope with.

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