>If you found this just now, go read Do it your self before reading any further.

Whatever you did, don’t you feel a little better for taking the time to get something done? I took a few minutes to clean up the kitchen and start lunch, between these posts, and that’s the point. I’ve done something, instead of sitting on the couch and thinking, “ugh, there’s still dishes in the sink.” Now I’ve got a pile of clean dishes in the drainer, and the smell of tasty artichoke and garlic coming from my steamer.

One of the key insights that has helped me on my path to self mastery has been the discipline to do something. One small thing that seems to form a Success Spiral and motivates us to do more. The FlyLady system to keep your home clean uses this system as well, their first, and second steps are exactly this kind of thing. When I’m down at the bottom of Old Main Hill, only I can take that first step on the way back to the top.

This is key to how we actually make ourselves better, only by taking a small step in the right direction can we actually get better. Some goals are a long way off, but that shouldn’t stop us, from working on them now. Find that small step that puts you closer to where you want to be and take it.



It has been over a month since I updated here. I have all kinds of excuses for this, “school is taking all my time”, “nothing new going on”, “I’m too depressed to write”. Most of these though aren’t really the root of the issue here. It’s that I don’t know what I want to say, that I want the whole world to see.

I got thinking a few days ago when a friend pointed me to a
Cracked Article that cited this article talking about how our society has seen an increase in what they call undirected disclosure. I pretty much agree with that assessment, but didn’t have a name for it until now. That was a lot of why I stopped posting here over the past months.

This blog is about facing adversity, and enjoying success while fighting through the challenges life throws at us, but when I look at the posts here that’s not what it is about. Of the posts I have made this year there’s three of those “Status updates” a short story, and two that are serious content. Those status updates are great examples of undirected disclosure. The problem with undirected disclosure is that you wind up spending more time doing the same kind of thing. I built a habit of posting my “progress” without any content, or with chatter about my day to day life, making this space little more than a Livejournal or set of Facebook posts explaining my life. Is that the kind of thing I want to make immortal?

There is nothing wrong with “directed disclosure,” where you share something for a reason. That is the beginning of real communication. When I talk about my
beliefs how I choose to cope, instead of suffer, or how I think that the laws that are designed to help some people more than others are a bad thing, I am pointing out ways that we deal with life. I am trying to set an example of how I think we should deal with life and disability. When I tell my friends the details of my last date, I have a different reason for disclosing, I want that friend to be a part of my life, to share the triumph(or failure) that I felt then. When I disclose that kind of detail online though, I am inviting who ever happens to read this into my life.

Think for a moment who you want in your life, are they the same people you share your day with? Do you want to invite anyone who can find your blog, or facebook page into your life? Before you share something, think who you’re sharing with, and what persona are you sharing this under. Taking the time to think about what you are sharing, and who you are sharing can give you back a lot of control in your life.

Count 10 next time before you update a facebook status, or tweet something. Go though your “friend list” and see if they are people you actually want to disclose to. Take a moment to direct your disclosures.

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