>Just a Dialog study I did after listening to writing excuses, using a prompt “Take an idiom and make it literal” I made “an old flame” literal and came up with a magic system. This is loosely in my DnD world Arthril, but only touches on the setting on the edge(though the more I play with it the more I like the magic) I would really appreciate comments on how the dialog feels, I know the plotting and exposition are on the weakish side.

“I swear it’s at least 50 years old, it was lit for my great-grandpa’s pyre!”

“Well den why’s you sellin’ somethin’ wid sentiment-type value?”

“Because, I don’t have anything else. I lost it all making it here alive.”

“But you kept an old flame burnin’ dat whole time?”

“Well yeah, my grandpa had a safelamp made, and pyre-flame maintains well with just about any oil.”

“Hmm… lemme see here”

“No! I know how the fire-clan works, and the damn king says that your law on this stands, you won’t have it from my hands for less than two thousand.”

“Hey now, I have customers insultin’ de king while I can hears it. I doesn’t like dat, sides s’only worth a couple hundred.”

“Only a couple hundred! It’s a 50 year old flame, you could light wardfires from this, imagine having a real 50 year old flame to light wardfires from, I saw a man selling wardcandles with fires lit from a 20 year old hearth for a hal-mark a piece, you could get a whole mark, and you wouldn’t be scamming your customers like that creep four streets over, you’d make your thousand and a half back in a month at most!”

“You want a dousand for dis? Is an old pyre-flame, but dey’s not dat useful. Mostly for burnin’ and endin’ sides I ain’t able to make wardcandles can’t get the ingredients, de gob’s own the cemeteries I’d barely be able to clear 500 on a good month. If it was such a good plan you’d be doin’ it now youself”

“Well you’ve heard there’s a war on haven’t you?”

“Not for my der isn’t”

“What! But dwarves are fully incorperated members of the empire, we’re at war! Damnit I got over here cause of this flame, I can’t sell it for less than I can get a good start for!”

“So 8 hundred it is den?”

“On the god graves maybe! Really I don’t have to sell to you, I know a gutterling who was willing to give me 1250, and a 10 year hearth-flame. I’d be a decent baker with something like that now wouldn’t I. If you’re going to make an offer, at least make a real one.”

“So why’s not sellin it to de gutterlin?”

“You know, I’d… it’d be bad for my gramps pyerflame to be used for, well the kind of things they use them for.”

“Old wives tales, an rubbish. I know an old matrarch, she’s like to use somedin’ like this to keep wardfires round a room so she can sleep widout her dear ghosties boderin’ her. Bettcha that’s what dey’d use it for.”

“Or, goryfires.”

“Ohh more rubbish, king stopped han’in’s 20 years back, Hanged men’s bodies was worth to much. Tell ya what dough, I got a 5 year forge-flame. dink on it, dey’s good fer makin’ din’s a five year’d let ya speak iron to steel, or wood into new shapes. Wid de right candles you could do conjers, sell tools o’ smoke an ash’ strong as any o’ wood.”

“1000, the forge flame, and that knive you’ve got on display there, the one with the bone handle”

“Done deal! From my hand I give ya de knive, de lamp deflame’s in, de flame, an 1000 marks.”

“And from my hand I give you this flame and the lamp which carries it.”

“Why did ya want de knive anyhow, I saw you lookin’ at it when we was gettin’ started, dought I’d be sellin’ dat, not buyin a pyre-flame.”

“Let’s say I know a good thing when I see it,”

“Naw dat’s just a pretty belt knive for someone who want’s to look tough, some poor gob got carved up by his own mum for talkin’ back.”

“The bone is much older than the flame, and looks to be hob-troll or ogre, it’ll move when I tell it to with a good forge flame, Especially since it’s rightful mine instead of my telling it to murder it’s owner, I tell it to murder the cheat who thought he could sell my fathers pyre-flame to the kings army for 3000 marks.”

“You… Gurgle… bastard!”

“Well yeah, but that’s okay, I have a few pounds of gold, I’ll leave it with a nice note saying you sold your life to return it to your people, you would too, except I’m not as good at haggling as you are.”

“you never would have sold me would you?”

“No of course not, not while your murderers are still out there. I just needed more tools, And I thought you might like some company.”

“Hey what am I doin’ here? how did you make me into a smokeshade?”

“It’s a 50 year pyre flame”

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