>So, I got thinking about this drama involving Comcast and Netflix, and have just one question, didn’t I already pay for the bandwidth?

I’m not a network expert, but as I understand it, I pay Comcast to get the Internet, from the Internet to my house. If I understand the article right, they’re trying to charge to, “transmit Internet online movies and other content to Comcast’s customers who request such content.” I ALREADY PAID FOR THE BANDWIDTH! I pay for a 12mb connection, and AFAIK if I paid for it I should be able to use it for whatever I want.

So let’s try an analogy. I pay Comcast to connect my house to the amazing superhighway. They charge me for each month based on how many lanes I want to my house. This works fine, I can use one for school(school), one to get to soccer practice(gaming), I can use it for pretty much whatever I want. I can even use it to let my friend visit(social networking). But then I discover this great pizza shop called netflix, they deliver. I figure since I can use my lanes for whatever I like then it is okay to have them deliver on my lanes. This works well, until me and all my neighbors are ordering pizza every day. Apparently these pizza trucks are using over a fifth of comcasts lanes, and they decide that they want to charge the pizza drivers to use their roads too. My problem is I’m already paying for the lanes, so let them deliver my damn pizza!

Anyhow, those who are calling for the FCC to step in are being idiots, comcast, like all corporations don’t give a damn about the law. They are only responsible to make a profit. So if we want to be able to have our pizza delivered then I think the solutions it to boycott Comcast. Call them up and cancel, and make sure they know that it is because of this bullshit. My issue is that I NEED internet, and don’t know any local ISP that my roomate and I can afford.

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