>Okay so largely because I think I’ve got something to say about this, and because I want to get in the habit of writing on a regular basis. I’ve decided to begin a Blog about living with Tourettes Syndrome.

Some things that you will find here. The experiences of someone who really does cope with Tourettes on a daily basis. A positive action based method of coping with Tourettes. Accurate information about Tourettes, coping with it, and whatever other things happen to be of interest to me in my life this week. At least weekly updates, likely bi-weekly Monday and Thursday. Support in coping.

Some things that you will not be finding here. Pity parties, I’ve got family members who are so into these things, all they do is paralyze you and prevent action. Dry Clinical data concerning Tourettes or any of my other issues. The real names of my friends and associates, they’ll all receive a nickname for this blog.

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