>Card War, is a game idea I have had for years and started to implement in the summer of 2009. I just got some time to work on it again, and I took it from the card game “War” being played between two computers, to what I’ve dubbed “War++” of a human vs a computer.

War++ Rules – Each player plays with 1 complete deck of cards. Shuffle your deck and draw 5 cards. Each Battle play 1 card, if your card is less than or equal to the card of your opponent, discard it. otherwise put it on the bottom of your deck. Draw a new card. Continue until you cannot draw a card. The first player who cannot draw a card loses.

 The game is pretty basic, so I’ve written up an even more complicated rules set I call “Kartenkrieg.” The new rules are not much more complex code wise than the rules I have now, there are just more of them. I’m dubbing War++ to be Kartenkrieg 0.0, and have set a goal to finish a version of Kartenkrieg over winter break as a way of brushing up on, and learning new things in python. I think the game has the potential to be fun, particularly if I can build it out as a face-book app, or as something that could be played over twitter.

My Project Milestones for this are as follows
0.0.0 – “Wartest.py” I just committed this to an empty git repository, and set it to snc on UbuntuOne. It is a working game of War++
0.0.1 – Refactor War++ to be Object oriented, including Deck, Hand, Card, and Player objects.
0.0.2 – Implement the Zones, Races, and Home Turf Advantage
0.0.3 – Allow Custom Decks(no logic for validating them yet) and saving and loading them.
0.0.4 – Implement Allies, Enemies, and Racial Special abilities
0.0.5 – Deck-building rules, and simplistic AI

Pre-pre-alpha testing – do the rules work, is anything horribly over powered, what else would be cool, does every feature that is listed in 0.0.1-0.0.5 appear to work without bugs?
Goal is to hit 0.0.5 over winter-break, and have a game that I can ask you all to test

0.0.6 – 0.1.0 – Kartenkreig on the web, my goal is to have a 0.1.0 that i can publicly release for alpha testing. If it’s cool I’ll try and make money with it somehow. If not, then it was an excellent learning project.

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