>Over at the USU SHAFT blog my friend Jon posted a link to this video.

Jon pointed out several issues with the argument including that there had to be SOME winning number in the mentioned lottery. The chance for a particular number may well be 1 in 10 million, but the chance that some number will be chosen is %100. This has some funny implications to me, he seems to be saying that when we hear about earthquakes(also extraordinarily improbable). Except that there would be evidence of an earthquake.

The next bit about the thing we need to examine is how the evidence would look different if this improbable thing were true is what I found most interesting. Because the Improbable events described in the mythology of Christianity are similar in improbability to those of every other mythology I’ve read about. Every argument I’ve heard for Christianity can be re-purposed to defend literal polytheistic paganism. The claims of a demi-god who has special magical insight into how to live your life, and accomplished something so improbable that the laws of physics would have to be re-written for it to be possible, were quite common in the ancient world.

The only improbable but true thing I’m seeing here, is that monotheism is useful as tool to legitimize monarchy and despotism, and the Christ myth was popular around the time that an Emperor needed to bolster his claims. Thus the Christ myth was given the authority of the roman empire to spread itself, and it’s claims, and produce many copies of itself so that many people would know about it. The Christ myth has some really good parts to it, and I’ve started mining it for inspiration just like I mine the Edda’s and other mythologies, but in the end it’s still a myth, a sacred story.

I’m a skeptic, and would describe myself as an agnostic now, my thoughts on religion are complicated and I’m working on writing up an explanation. But I do believe that nature, the ancestors, and other things I experience are sacred, and that mystical insight has value, I just don’t know where that insight comes from, or why the symbols it speaks in are so diverse. I’ll figure it out eventually, until then, I’ll keep learning, and boring ya’ll with my posts.

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