>As a part of my attempts at self-improvement I’ve been working though Ariel’s wonderful “A Witches Primer” available Here or from Ariel’s site here. one of the major points for me has been an exercise about journaling my beliefs. As I worked on that journal I made an important realization, one of my central beliefs is that a thought alone is worth nothing. It must be expressed or acted upon. Therefore This is a statement of some things I believe.

This world, no matter how hard life in it might be, is a good place. At the very worst it is uncaring and mechanical, but still wonderful and amazing in it’s complexity. There are spiritual worlds which affect this one, and are affected by it. In these worlds are spirits, each with their own goals, some which help humanity and some which harm humanity. These worlds are all bound by a metaphysical balance, which I call by the name of Wyrd, and others have different names and understandings of. Wyrd is at its most basic, cause and effect multiplied a thousand times and across all the worlds and possibilities. It is the chaos and order that binds the universe together, the conservation of matter, energy, and power which are the unbreakable laws of the cosmos.

The gods are the most powerful beings, forces greater than the greatest spirit, unknowable, fundamental and primal. The being I call Thor is not literally a red bearded man who carries a hammer and drinks too much, but rather is a symbol or shorthand for the real Thor. It is like a sign post pointing to him. To be called a god and be worthy of worship a being must care for and have compassion for mankind, and desire to help us grow and progress. There are other godlike beings who dislike us or are simply disinterested. I have little to know knowledge of them, and trust that the gods remain on our side and defend us.

Good and Evil are ideas, not metaphysical truths. For a tiger to kill is not evil, but for a man to do the same is. I do not pretend to know all the answers on that are, but I feel the golden rule, and being true to your nature is the beginning of an honest moral code. Empathy, compassion and communication are humanities greatest gifts and using them is our best chance at real peace. We should keep our word and doubly so our oaths and promises.

This understanding of morality means that I find myself questioning what the correct action is. I support gay marriage and the idea the any two consenting adults can do whatever they want. I support abortion rights as a practical matter, I cannot, and neither can most of us, support the children who would be born if it were illegal. I feel that it is wrong, but that I should convince a woman to not abort, not get the government to ban the practice. I think that from selfishness in competition a reasonable balance often occurs, and that natural balance, even if somewhat unfair is probably preferable than one enforced externally.

I am a political moderate who believes that the government should leave me the hell alone as long as I pay my taxes, and we’re not at war and needing warm bodies to shoot at bad guys. I am grateful to live in a civilization that is able to provide me with a government funded education and acutely conscious that this clashes with some of my other political ideals.

Love is work, and pain and it is still better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.

These are things I believe strongly and deeply, but I’m not so sure about the rest.

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