>If you found this just now, go read Do it your self before reading any further.

Whatever you did, don’t you feel a little better for taking the time to get something done? I took a few minutes to clean up the kitchen and start lunch, between these posts, and that’s the point. I’ve done something, instead of sitting on the couch and thinking, “ugh, there’s still dishes in the sink.” Now I’ve got a pile of clean dishes in the drainer, and the smell of tasty artichoke and garlic coming from my steamer.

One of the key insights that has helped me on my path to self mastery has been the discipline to do something. One small thing that seems to form a Success Spiral and motivates us to do more. The FlyLady system to keep your home clean uses this system as well, their first, and second steps are exactly this kind of thing. When I’m down at the bottom of Old Main Hill, only I can take that first step on the way back to the top.

This is key to how we actually make ourselves better, only by taking a small step in the right direction can we actually get better. Some goals are a long way off, but that shouldn’t stop us, from working on them now. Find that small step that puts you closer to where you want to be and take it.



Remember, the only way you will get something done is if you do it yourself.

This seems like a simple enough concept, but I am amazed at how often people I know, and even myself, forget this core idea. For every problem I am aware of there is some way that I can make progress on it. Think of something you want, maybe you’re worried about a job, maybe you are tired of seeing the dirty dishes on the counter, what ever that one thing is, go do it now.

Did you do it?

No? go back and do it you can click on this link when you’re done.


>So over on The Art of Manliness there was a great post about building resiliency. I suggest you take a look.

Without resiliency we forever dwell on our setbacks instead of making progress in our lives. The hurt from our past disappointments (or even the hurt we imagine could befall us) is so debilitating that we cannot muster up the courage and desire to take chances and seize opportunities; we’re afraid of experiencing pain and embarrassment

This quote in particular got me thinking, about the opportunities I haven’t tried to seize because I was afraid. All the girls I never asked out cause I was afraid, and the scholarships I didn’t apply for. But as a counter to that I have seized some amazing opportunities, and improved myself tremendously in the past three years. I decided that I would become a teacher, no matter what, and I’ve made that happen, one hour, class, day, month, term, and year at a time. Dispite the issues I deal with, and when my OCD and TS are busy feeding my depression and anxiety issues it can be hard to remember those goals. When i look at how far I’ve come, it’s easier to look forward and stick it through these challenges, because if I don’t have resilience then all of my sacrifice and effort wasn’t worth anything. I hate to see my efforts be worthless, so I keep pushing on no matter how hard, I may need to rest at base camp and acclimate, but I’m not done til I get to the top.

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