>I’ve recently launched on a self improvement project. I set dozens of small goals for myself. These goals were small enough that they were not in and of themselves difficult to do, something simple like meditate or have the dishes done before I go to bed. Following through on them has been more difficult than I expected, but I was recently reminded of one of my regular sayings, and just how important it actually is.

Usually I say it when I’m in the middle of a conversation and get interrupted, “Hey Drew what were you saying?” “Umm… I don’t know, if it was important I’ll remember it later.” That’s been my motto for years and I realized that it is why I don’t buy into a lot of the “ubiquitous capture” ideas. Many, maybe even most of my ideas are utter crap, but as the myth busters proved, you can polish a turd. The ideas that keep coming to mind get the most polishing, if the idea is worth something you’ll want to write it down to polish it.

My rule of thumb for putting something in my palm pilot is, If it is time sensitive, or must be verbatim, pull out your palm pilot and write it down. If it’s just a cool idea, let it stew. Often the stewing process will gel after a week, and I’ll feel the need to jot something down, but I don’t have a notebook full of crap ideas like “Dude, purple hallucinogen dragons”(Okay I can see about 4 adventure ideas with that but still). Only the stuff worth polishing gets written down in my capture device.

Of course taking out a notebook and brainstorming is an exception to this, but that’s usually an appointment I made with myself to work on something, usually school work.

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